Organize and Share your EMails with SharedMails - Drag & Drop Emails from Outlook to SharePoint
Configuration in Outlook
SharedMails can be configured for any Outlook folder. Open the folder’s context menu to access the SharedMails properties window.

Under the "General" tab
  • Activate the Outlook folder for SharedMails
  • Paste the URL of a SharePoint document library
  • Activate the URL as the homepage for this folder
  • Enter credentials if necessary
  • Test the server connection

Under the "Content Type" tab
  • Specify default or specific content type
  • Ability to create columns if necessary

On the "Metadata" tab
  • Specify how to the filename is created in the SharePoint document library
  • We recommend using a unique number for the filename
  • Specify how the standard metadata for e-mails should be stored in the document library

On the "Extended Metadata" tab
  • Specify additional columns and values to be stored in the document library

On the "Info" tab
  • Click the icon to access the SharedMails homepage

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