Organize and Share your EMails with SharedMails - Drag & Drop Emails from Outlook to SharePoint
SharedMails allows you to store e-mails from within Outlook to SharePoint document libraries. It’s as simple as dragging e-mails from any folder to another. Just set up any folder in Outlook for SharedMails, and any e-mail you drag in will automatically be uploaded to the SharePoint document library.

Main reasons for using SharedMails
  • You want to share your e-mails with team members
  • You want to store e-mail context together with other related information
  • You want to create simple archives of your e-mails

Main features of SharedMails
  • Stores e-mails from Outlook to SharePoint document libraries with meta data
  • Automatically runs in the background, without user interaction
  • Provides easy access from Outlook to e-mails stored in SharePoint
  • Easy to implement in large environments
  • Localized English and German user interface (other languages can be implemented)

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